2014: Year In Review

2014 was full of new adventures, new directions, and reuniting with old music friends.  Full circle stylee.  Much love and gratitude to all my friends, fans, family and even strangers who helped make this work feel so fulfilling.  I'm going to keep on keepin' on because of all of you. <3  Below is a sampling of some of my proudest moments in 2014. 


Embarked on my first tour ever:  

First Ladies Tour w/Corina Corina (March 2014) 

Ithaca, NY (Cornell University) 
Buffalo, NY 
Kent, OH (at a bowling alley) 
Detroit, MI 
Grand Rapids, MI 
Chicago, IL 
Bloomington, IN 
Cincinnati, OH 
Louisville, KY 
Lexington, KY 

AND, while traveling to NYC for the beginning of the tour, I did an interview on Cognac Time With Coole High...while on the bus! 


Co-founded, co-produced and performed at Catapult Music Festival (a free one-day post-rap and electronica-influenced music event in Cincinnati headlined by forward-thinking NYC musicians Louis Logic(Fake Four Inc.) and Tonedeff (QN5 Music)) 

Performed at: 

Northside Music Festival - annual two-day Cincinnati festival showcasing Cincinnati's best musicians 
AYE Music & Art Festival - annual two-day charity event, this year benefitting the Northside Skate Park Fund 
Louisville Outskirts Festival - inaugural female-centric music festival (primarily punk, post-punk and indie rock bands) where, in addition to my evening gig, I also had the amazing opportunity to perform at the Rockshops for Girls, music workshops for girls 10-18 where they would learn to play a musical instrument and then form bands and perform their song the next day at an awesome DIY venue. 


Hellfyre Club's ( Busdriver/, Open Mike Eagle, Milo (Rapsmith),Nocando) Cincinnati stop 
serengeti, WC TANK, and Riley Lake 
Three the Heart Way, a show I curated featuring Cincinnati eclectic singer-songwriters molly sullivan, Kate Wakefield and myself. 
Apple Street Market Cooperative's Summer Party and Fundraiser to bring attention to a much-needed community grocery store in Cincinnati's Northside neighborhood 
Live Window Performance at the former downtown Cincinnati Shillito’s building as part of Landor & Associates' "Daughters of the Queen City @ Landor DOQC Window Performance 


Sketch tha cataclysm and Rabbi Darkside 
Corina Corina and Tattoo Money 
Random aka Mega Ran, SkyBlew and D&D Sluggers 
Open Mike Eagle 
Glue (Adeem, Maker, djdq) Reunion w/Durazzo and AF THE NAYSAYER 
Awol One & GEL ROC 
Mega Ran, brentalfloss, and Danimal Cannon 

--"Blup" single, produced by and featuring Eugenius