Abiyah Artist Interview/Profile in Polly Magazine Issue 02

October 28, 2016 was the release party for Polly Magazine​ Issue 02 at the Greenwich House Gallery​ in O'Bryonville. A beautifully-executed large format publication produced locally by Deogracias Lerma​ and Kami Gunn Lerma​, Polly Magazine features interviews/profiles of local and national arts and culture tastemakers, I am so honored and grateful to be included in this issue, along with the likes of mixologist extraordinaire Molly Wellmann, chef Jean-Robert de Cavel, photographer Michael Wilson, Victoria Morgan of the Cincinnati Ballet, cinematographer Larry Fong, photographer/musician Maurice Mattei, MadTree Brewing and more.  

The absolute highlight of my evening? When Deo's and Kami's daughter Corinne (lower left in the photo with the young ladies) and her friends bum-rushed me to autograph their copies. <3 They have no idea how much that meant to me. These young ladies inspire me way more than I appear to inspire them.  

Big love to Deo (photograph), Kelly Thomas​ (interview and words), Christine Rice​ (makeup), and Casablanca Vintage​ (shoot location). <3 <3 <3  

Pick up your copy of Polly Magazine locally at Joseph-Beth Cincinnati, or purchase print and digital editions HERE.