Royal Recommends...Abiyah!

On Thursday, October 27, Abiyah was the daily featured musician on the local Cincinnati Royal Recommends Facebook page. Created recently, Royal Recommends is an effort by longtime Cincinnati musician Matt Mooney (PKA Royal Holland) to introduce and connect music lovers to new local musicians via a daily get-to-know feature on the Royal Recommends page. More than just posting a link to an artist's page, Royal Holland pens a thoughtful and personal reasoning for featuring the musician/band. Click HERE to read the post in its entirety. 

Here's a little excerpt: "It's hip-hop with style in droves, but it's way more. It's an experience that flows out of Abiyah's convictions, and those are strong [...] Abiyah connects dots like a ball point pen. Those dots then turn into one of those 3-d pictures that you have to cock your head to the side to see. "